Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Fun Photo Tag

I saw this on Making the Most of Life's Moments and since I love to save images, (now that I know how to) I wanted to play! The way to play is you put the answer to the statements into Google, search images, and pick a picture.

My Name

(I was going to say this is a picture of me but I didn't think anyone would believe me!)

My age

My first job

(I still describe myself as a "Caldor Girl"-loved this store!)

Pets I have Owned

(I had ducks named after my babysitter's at the time: Sarah and Liz. I also had rabbits, and always had cats. this is what it always looked like when I was growing up; still does! My mom is "down" to only 13!)

My Grandmother's Name (they were both named Mary)

(This is a picture of Mary I. She was the Queen of both England and Ireland. Pretty busy lady, huh? Never heard of her until I did this search!)

Place I'd like to visit

(Ever since seeing "Mamma Mia", I've been obsessed with Greece!)

My favorite color

(That would be red)

My Favorite foods

(Chicken alfredo and strawberry shortcake; I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!)

My best friend's nickname
(Actually she spells it "Jul" but this is the closest I could find!)

Things I have loved>

(Reading and tap dancing)

If you want to play, TAG, you're it!


ann marie said...

I came here from Julie's site 'cause I wanted to see what this was photo tag was...
CALDOR? CALDOR? I my goodness, Caldor was the Target of my youth. I LOVED Caldor. Oh, I can't believe someone else has ever heard of Caldor or even mentioned it! I am so excited and having flashbacks of my 80's hair and cinched, highwaisted jeans. I bought my first set of dishes there when I was first married and I still have them. I need to go call my sister now.

Julie said...

I love that quote..."Caldor was the Target of my youth"!!!

Remember getting "45s" from Baby Come Back, you had to order it by its number.

I really loved this post and hopefully tomorrow I'll have a less crazy day and can finish it on my blog.

cindy said...

What a great quote! I prpbably spend about as much time in Target now as I used to Caldor. I met two of my boyfriends working at Caldor, one good, one bad! And yes I remember buying the 45s...are we starting to sound like our parents?!?