Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cub Scout Halloween Party, Halloween Art, Pumpkin Carving, and Trick or Treat, Part one

Last Friday we went to Tucker's Cub Scout Halloween party! It was a lot of fun! Tucker is an army soldier this year; here is a picture of Michael adding the camo makeup. (On the way home, Tucker told us he was never wearing make-up again and as he was washing it off, he said "how do girls wear this stuff! It's disgusting!")

There were all kinds of activities for them including tattoos, signing holiday cards for the troops, guessing games (more on that later), and a wooden board with a maze that you had to turn the board to get a pingball through. Tucker really liked this and spent a lot of time doing this with his friend Colby (my friend Heather's son; he's in 2nd grade. He plays with him and his sister Kayleigh after achool every day). Here are some pictures of them playing (Colby is in the black monster costume)

As for the guessing games that I alluded to, they had a table where you could guess how many were in the jars. Tucker ended up winning the jar of gummy worms (he guessed sixty; there were 57). He also won the pumpkin by guessing the closest weight! (He guessed 15 lbs; it weighed 14 lbs!) Here he is showing off his prizes:

Tucker also did some coloring this week

We spent the week carving our FIVE pumpkins (my mom's neighbor Bill gave us three, I bought one, and Tucker won the fifth). Michael and Tucker pretty much did all the work but I did do one

The finished products

We did a lot of trick or treating last night!!! We headed to the mall where we have always taken Tucker. You have to get there early or the stores run out of candy!

After filling his pumpkin, we headed over to his friend Freddie's house (with another pumpkin!) to take on his neighborhood! And boy, did we! It's one of those neighborhoods where you buy 15 bags of candy and run out in an hour and have to turn off your light! Here are Tucker and Freddie posing in the driveway and then trick or treating (yes that is Michael up there with them!)

(Okay so they're reversed and I don't have the energy to switch them!)

I also wanted to show a close-up picture of Tucker. Yes it does say "Tucker" on his jacket! We found it in my dad's things from when he was in the army and we usually have it hanging on the wall in his room. I safety-pinned it to his jacket; he was so proud of it!

He thinks it's very cool that Bubba used to drive trucks when he was in the the Army in France!


Julie said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the cards and coupons for my kids!!

cindy said...

You're welcome! I tried to give them the ice cream cone ones since it seems a little cold to have ice cream for us and you guys the only ones who live in a warmer place but Tucker insisted that he keep them!