Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

It's been awhile since I participated in one of these.

My son and I are tackling his overabundance of toys so that Santa can bring more (it's an annual tradition!)

This past weekend, we took on a corner of our living room. (while I like to "keep it real", please keep in mind that it doesn't usually look this bad. A friend had just left.)

These bins have been there since he was in preschool with the pictures to show what goes in each. (he's now 9!!) Unfortunately most of the toys have been there that long too! lol

It took us almost two hours but we went through each (completely full) bin and we ended up with three grocery plastic bags to go to Goodwill, 2 bags for consignment, and one of garbage!
He wanted to re-do the pictures on the front of the bin so we did that too. We ended up with 3 empty bins so by default, they are for Legos as they are the current item that seems to be everywhere!


Jolene said...

Good Job! I love how you are teaching him organization and donating!

Mindie Hilton said...

Oh tackling the toys is on my list, with only two boys, not sure how we ended up with so many. Thanks for the inspiration. I would love for you to join my weekly linky fri-monday at Bacon Time.

Johane Levesque said...

Tackling toys... That's one thing I'll have to tackle sometime soon. Glad to see that you got to tackle it at your place!

Julie said...

Wow! Looks good!!