Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Snow!!!! Yes -in October!!!

We have had little spurts of snow mixed with rain but this counts as our first actual snow accumulated! In October!!!

We actually didn't get as much as other parts of the state, maybe 2-3 inches, because we live closer to the shore but some parts of the state got a foot or more!

Tucker insisted on "shoveling" the driveway when it first started!

I think the mums have seen better days!

It amazed me that this geranium made it through the snow!
Needless to say, our bushes were flattened!


Mari said...

Yeesh! I'm not ready to see that yet, but I hear it's coming soon.
Tucker is looking so tall!

Cindy said...

He is tall, Mari! 57" to be exact! Catching up with my mom who's 5' and me (I'm 5'4") too fast!

Julie said...

I just read 57" as 5'7"!! That really would be tall!!