Saturday, July 2, 2011

what we've been doing....

I haven't been on my blog in a few weeks and I finally now have the chance to catch up! We have been really busy with baseball, end-of-the-year school activities, and family parties. I like to keep things up to date because it does come in handy when I go to scrapbook everything....

Warning: this will be a long one with a lot of pictures.

Once again Michael and I volunteered to help at Tucker's Field Day (actually, he ran the game and I followed Tucker's class around with the camera!) They did a lot of fun things from getting dizzy kneeling over a baseball bat and then having to run to memory games involving geometric patterns to the expected water games, which the kids love the best!. It was a really great day and actually not as hot as past field days have been!

Father's Day----Tucker gave Michael a new Star Wars shirt, and I got him a new Wii game. Tucker made a speical puzzle for him at school! We also had fun celebrating with our family who came down for the day.

The last day of school was finally here and as not ready as I am, I now have a 4th grader. These are pictures of Mr. Newton, Tucker's principal who is leaving to take a position with another school system. There's also a picture of him with his 3rd grade teacher, Miss Malinick, I love how he's standing so straight! Tucker spent a lot of time playing tug-of-war and was covered in dirt and grass stains! The last picture is with Maddie and Freddie, the three of them have been good friends since kindergarten! when I tried to line them up, tucker asked "how many pictures do you already have of us" I replied with "well I don't have one from your last day of being third graders"

I decided to take Tucker to the beach to celebrate being a big 4th grader. We ended up seeing Freddie and Maddie there with Freddie's parents! The three of them had a great time running around in the water and digging in the sand. And of course, I had to get a picture of the three of them at the beach!

Baseball season was over and Tucker made the Minors All-Stars team; 4 players from each team played in a game for the managers of the Majors. In the first picture- L-R: Alex, Dylan, Tucker, and Justin. And then Tucker at bat and playing first position!

We had an end-of-the-season baseball/pool party at the home of one of the coaches. With everyone's busy schedules, only 4 of the boys came but we still had a great time. We gave out trophies and a certificates (a serious and a fun one). Tucker's were: First Triple of the season and Most Likely to be Thrown out of a Game for Arguing with the Umpire (which we are not encouraging but he is such a black and white kid; everyone definitely appreciated him getting that award!)

Last Sunday was a busy day for us---our nephew Bobby graduated from high school and we also went to my cousin's daughter Libby's 7th birthday party! (To give you some perspective on how long Michael and I have been together, Bobby was born in the first year we were together!) Tucker had a great time playing with all his cousins, particularly going after Bobby with the water balloons!

Then it was on to Libby's birthday party-her two year old twin brother/sister had a great time discovering the fun of the slip and slide, Tucker helped out with the bubbles, my cousin Tim made a HUGE butterfly cake that was delicious (I think we only ate a quarter of the wing!)

And finally, my friend Dawn is visiting with her son Caleb who is now 4! The first picture is of him opening his birthday present from us and the rest are at the dinosaur park/splash pad! Caleb inststed on holding Tucker's hand whenever he could-it was really cute-I didn't get a picture of it though!)

So that is everything we've been doing!!!! Hopefully I can keep up going forward---


Mari said...

You've been busy! It looks like everyone has been having a great time!

Julie said...

Love catch up posts with lots of pictures!! When you were talking about Bobby's graduation and showing how long you and Michael have been together, I was counting back and trying to figure out if that meant when you were first first together, that just goes to show how long you and I have been together! That and since yesterday was the last shuttle launch there was a lot of talk about 'where were you when... primarily about the Challenger distaster so I talked a lot yesterday about the fateful Spanish class. Of course that was not from when we were first first friends.