Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp

Tucker took part in soccer camp last week sponsored by United Kingdom International Soccer Camps and not only did he learn a lot but he had so much fun! (I realized that after I loaded the pictures that they are actually in reverse, but I'm going to restrain the OCD part of me and do this as is!)

So anyway, the camp was run by professional players from England. We actually had two coaches: Prince (seen in later pictures) was the coach all week and we was amazing and a personality like Wayne Brady! Seriously, he was so much fun and great with the kids.

The pictures that I have first are from the Striker Clinic which took place on Saturday morning for three hours. Tucker worked with Oliver and some of the other kids and learned how to score better. In the above picture, he tries to make a goal against Casey. Below he takes a shot against the goalie coach Ian.

In these next pictures he works on some defensive/offensive moves. first against, the coach Oliver:
Next working defense against Greta
Getting some instruction
Learning a new trick

These next ones are from the week-long soccer camp. Keep in mind that this camp took place during the heatwave our area was hit by and these kids were real troopers and worked hard out there on the field. (they did take plenty of water breaks!)

Here the kids get instructions from Prince (yes that is his real name!)
Going one-on-one with Prince

Trying some offensive moves on his friend Mason
Dribbling down the field
Strutting his stuff on the field (the tall girl is Marguerite-she was on his indoor team)

Getting more instructions

Taking a much deserved water and rest break on one of the hotter days

They were playing some kind of keep-away game and having a great time doing it!

Warming up

Warming up and learning some drills

I didn't take him the last night (my mom did) and apparently, it was quite a practice, ending in a gigantic water gun battle! My mom got some great pictures and I;ll share some of them when I get them!

This was the first year we did this camp and we will definitely be doing it in the years to come!


Mari said...

What a great experience for Tucker!

Frank Lovett said...

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