Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrating the 4th of July and my Mom's Birthday

I know, I is now the 7th of July but I was having issues loading the pictures onto the blog. It was taking FOREVER and it is way too hot to play around for long on the computer!

We headed to the Boombox parade in Willimantic this year. (the parade in my hometown, that we've gone to the past 2 years, was on the 5th this year and that just didn't seem right!) We got there about an hour before it started and already it was packed! Luckily, Eileen and the gang had secured a good spot for us!

Here's Tucker in all his patriotic finery!

From R-L: Eileen, my mom, Michael Doreen, Eric. and Cassandra. tucker is in front

Tucker waits for candy. We were pretty close to the beginning of the parade so there was no chance anyone was going to run out! He filled that bucket at least halfway!

The start of the parade!

A cute flamingo float!

What's a parade without a firetruck?!

Gotta love army trucks

tucker has been learning to dive in swim class!

Tucker enjoys the pool

Eric claimed he was teaching Cassandra how to dive and he was going to "nudge" er a little...I don't know, I think she was pushed!!! lol

Tucker always enjoys playing with Eric!

Michael constructed a float out of the noodles

Tucker and Cassandra

We also celebrated my mom's 63rd birthday!

She posed with Tucker!

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