Monday, July 5, 2010

Our busy but Fun Day

Bare with me--I'm a little behind! A week ago Saturday, Tucker and I spent the day partying! Literally!

We started at the end-of-season baseball pizza party at his friend Chase's house (his father helped coach the team with Michael and another dad) This is Tucker and his friend Chris enjoying pizza!

All the boys got trophies for playing this season

The highlight of the festivities was the wiffle ball game!

We couldn't stay for the whole game though because it was onto Andrew's 6th birthday party! Andrew and Tucker have both been at the same daycare since they were 2 months old so they're like brothers!
Of course, Tucker went right into the bouncy house!

Then it was onto the water slide, always a hit! This year they set it up with the kiddie pool at the end! Tucker was the oldest and the only one who could enough speed to actually go airborne and land in the pool-it was pretty cool!

Next they moved to the water guns and had a water fight!

Then it was time for us to go to our next party so Andrew opened Tucker's present before we left!

Finally we were on our way to the last party of the day-my cousin's daughter Libby, who also turned 6. (to help you appreciate the logistics, we drove 20 minutes from Andrew's to pick up my mom and then 45 minutes to my cousin's). Libby has a twin brother and sister, Adam and Chelsea. My cousin Tim was pulling them around in a wagon and Tucker thought it was fun to hop along behind them

Libby's beautiful cake----made, as usual, by my cousin Tim! He took cake making classes just so he can make her cake every year!

Surprisingly Tucker wanted a piece of cake!

Here he enjoys it!

The birthday girl opens some presents

It was a long crazy day but it was fun! We didn't get home until after 9:00 and boy we were tired!


Julie said...

Love the cake!

And I love your summery blog background!

Cindy said...

Tim said Libby wanted Wizard of Waverly Place and Kristen wanted a teacup and they couldn't agree so he made what he wanted! (especially since he wasn't sure how Selena Gomez would come out! lol!)