Sunday, January 31, 2010

L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge, Round 2: Wrap-Up

Carrie of Reading to Know sponsored this great challenge in which she challenged us to read books by L.M. Montgomery in the month of January!
I did read three books for this challenge, not the three I initially planned on though!

My plan was to read the Emily trilogy.

For some reason, my mind wandered and I also checked out Kilmeny of the Orchard from the library. I figured this book was so short in length (around 90 pages) it couldn't possibly take long to read! Boy, Was I wrong! I stumbled and procrastinated and then eventually did finish it. I will admit, I didn't know what or who Kilmeny was supposed to be (if you haven't read it, I don't want to spoil it!) Having said all that, while it wasn't one of my favorite books, I did enjoy it. though it seemed to just be starting when it ended.

On the other hand, I so loved Emily of New Moon This wonderful story of a young girl orphaned and uprooted to live with distant relatives whom she's never met was one I could not put down! I liked her honesty, her spunk, and her determination to survive no matter what the obstacle, including her Aunt Elizabeth who she does eventually ( I think) win over.

I am almost done with my third book for this challenge: Emily Climbs.. This story picks up where the last left off, and Emily is now headed to high school with her friends. Despite having to live with her Aunt Ruth, Emily manages to remain true to herself and I continue to admire her as she grows into a young woman and a writer.

Even though I didn't finish the trilogy, I am glad that I participated in this challenge and got the chance to "meet" Emily!! (I am going to read the final book, too!)

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Carrie said...

Well, I'd say you did an awesome job! You certainly walked away with an interesting perspective of Kilmeny. =D Glad you played along nad have fun with the third book of Emily!