Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Takes

1. As something new at work, we as department heads have to work a 12-8 shift every two weeks.  Today's my lucky day so I'm at the library this morning returning books, getting new books, and taking advantage of their faster computers!
2.  I had hoped to be better about blogging with the new year but so far I haven't other than to start my new list of books read in 2013.  I really need to get better about doing it because I feel like we are missing out on whole parts of our life and the memory, sad to say is not what it used to be!  the blog has really helped me when I've gone back to scrapbook events and sad to say, I'm behind on that too!  Like 4 years, almost 5 years kind of behind!  I think the last time we scrapbooked I did Tucker's kindergarten graduation and now he's moving up middle school next year!  Yikes!
3.  On to other news... for the one person who doesn't follow me on facebook ...keeping us busy has been our little artist!  He will receiving an award from the CT Association of Schools for his (and I quote) "ever developing artistic talent and fine character" in February!  He just received an award from the Board of Education for receiving the February award, if that makes any sense!

Oops! I'm being thrown off the computer!  Apparently I've exceeded my time and there are people waiting!  (which is actually fine with me because the guy next to me smells kind of funky!)


Mari said...

I like the new look here! Congrats to your Tucker. I think you'll have to share some of his work here.

Julie said...

Aww I was just getting into this and then it was already over.

Hooray for Tucker's awards!!

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