Sunday, March 11, 2012

Staying Up Late

-I finally got into the neurologist this past week and he ordered a sleep-deprived EEG for tomorrow morning. Which means I can only get 3-4 hours of sleep tonight. I had originally planned on staying up until 2 but knew I would never make it. So I'm staying up until midnight and then getting up at 4 (the test is at 7:30). It's 10:30 now so I'm getting there. For someone who normally in in bed by 9:30, this is hard!!!!
-The neurologist turned out to be a really great guy. He thinks the issues I had were probably caused by a migraine (which I have had for almost 20 years) and that I may need to go on a preventative med. right now I'm watching The Wonder Years on Netflix and it's the one where Kevin;s grandfather gives him a puppy and they're playing "to every season, turn turn turn, etc" and it reminds me of my friend Michelle from high school because she thought it was only in the Time magazine commercial and not a real song. Yes it's the weird things I remember.
-For example, I figured out a resident of mine was the great-aunt of a friend of mine from high school because I knew his middle name was Manning. And he wasn't a particularly close friend but for some reason I remembered that. Strange things, I know.
-Tucker will be 10 on April 3rd which seems crazy to me! We're planning to have a sleepover with 7 boys which will be crazy I know. We're going with a carnival theme with games, tickets, and prizes. we've recruited our niece Cassandra to referee, I mean, help. I just ordered some games from Oriental Trading and am figuring out the logistics of the prizes, etc. It should be fun and it will be here before we know it!
-Well time to switch the laundry into the dryer (I can be productive while I'm staying up!)!


Mari said...

My son had to have one of those type of EEG's when he was young, so we stayed up to keep him awake. Hope yours goes well!
It's funny how we remember random things - I do that too. :)

Julie said...

Eager to hear about the EEG. I didn't remember about that song and Michelle or whose middle name is Manning, but I know that episode of Wonder Years, and I know Tucker is almost 10! AND when Jake's spelling word was 'understand' today, I thought of you!!

Cindy said...