Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catching Up: Getting the Christmas Tree and Light Parade

We went to get our tree last Sunday. We usually tag a tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving so headed up to get and lo and behold, someone had taken it! It's an honor system thing so you would hope people would be honest with it being the holidays and all!

We checked out the pre-cut trees and found one that we ended up with an even better one!

Once we got it home and in the living room, we set to decorating it...

and then posed with it!

The finished product and of course, Shrek checked it out!

That night we headed to a popular local light parade! It was amazing!

some local utility trucks...

Candyland, Thomas, and Snoopy-what more could you ask for?! This Snoopy was HUGE!! They lowered him to get through the stoplights!

Motorcycles, and Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive!


Mari said...

Your tree looks good and the parade looks like so much fun!

nexin said...
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Julie said...

Love the parade!