Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catching Up: School Field Trip and Halloween, Part I

I'm not even going to make any of the usual excuses for being absent from the blog for so long or for finally posting things that happened on Halloween...nope we are simply moving forward!

To start off the picture extravaganza, I'm sharing the ones from Tucker's class trip to our state Capitol on Halloween. And yes we did almost miss this trip due to a snowstorm named Alfred and we're weren't sure if Hartford was going to have power when we got there. We weren't hit too hard in our area but this part of the state got almost a foot and had a lot of trees down!

Anyway, we did make it! We had a wonderful tour guide who brought us through the LegislativeOffice Building, starting in their chambers and then through a wonderful underground tunnel via a "People Mover" and escalator (the kids all loved this part!)

We got to see the senate chamber as well as the House of Representatives ... here the kids all pay close attention. I was impressed by how much they all knew about the government and how it runs!
We then headed across the street to the CT State Museum which houses all the important artifacts of CT's history.

A large part of CT's history is the Colt Gun Factory and there was a whole room of old guns on display which the boys all went crazy for, as you can well imagine! Here Tucker poses with Mardi and Gavin (they were the three I was "responsible" for)

After finishing going through the museum, we then had lunch outside of the state armory. Even though there was snow on the ground, it was a nice day! Here Tucker gets ready to eat with Gavin, Robbie, and Chris.

With the field trip done, it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating! Tucker was an army soldier (if you know him, it's not really a big surprise) Here he poses for the usual picture with jack-or-lantern (note the snow in the background)

I had the camera on the wrong setting which I noticed halfway through trick-or-treating so all kinds of funny things the light streak above Tucker's head as he walks down the street with Andrew.
My friend Tracy is holding the door as Tucker, Andrew, and Emily (dressed as Rapunzel) get their treats.
We were joined by Casey who was the goalie on Tucker's soccer team and happens to live across the street from Andrew! He was someone from Star Wars....

Our usual group picture: Tracy(dressed as a scarecrow), me, Jason (dressed as, we,, Jason), Michael. In the front is Emily (dressed as Rapunzel),Andrew (dressed as Jack Sparrow), Tucker, and a snowman dressed up in Halloween finery! (and yes, Michael and I will dress up next year!)
We had a great time as usual!


Julie said...

It looks like Tucker is going into battle in the pic with the orange light across it.

I remember a field trip to Hartford when I was in 6th grade, whenever I hear the song "Don't You Want Me?" I think of that field trip. We also went to the Mark Twain house and my teacher sat down on a piece of antique furniture right after the tour guide said not to sit down.

Julie said...

In case you were wondering, the song for my seventh grade field trip to the Boston Museum of science is "She Blinded me with Science". Our bus got hit by an eighteen wheeler on that trip.

Cindy said...

Love the memories! :)