Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation-Days 1 and 2: CocoKeys

To start of our vacation, we headed to Coco Key Resort, an indoor water park in Waterbury. They have great package deals where you got the hotel for one night but the water park for the two days you are there! when we asked Tucker who he wanted to bring, he said "Cassandra" (our niece) so we dragged her along for the fun!!!

There's a giant bucket that fills up with water and then tips over-----sending water everywhere~

They had a great lazy river that you just float around on on these inner tubes! Here, Michael, Cassandra, and Tucker enjoy it!

There was water basketball which Tucker enjoyed playing with Cassandra....

Of course, the big hit was the water had to climb like 4 stories to get to them but boy were they fun! even though we didin't get a picture of me, I did do the water slide a few times!

Going up....

There was also a survivor type of rope course that only Tucker could do! Seriously, he whipped across there so fast it was hard to catch him on camera!

I even gave it a shot and ....didn't make it far! )it's a lot harder than it looks)

Cassandra gives it a shot... (with Tucker looking on)
Oops-she's going in (Tucker's dancing around the pole now!)
Michael gave it a shot and made it acorss but not as fast as Tucker!

There was also an arcade that we checked out----Tucker won 400 tickets on the Deal or No Deal game!

Having fun, racing against Daddy....

And Cassandra....

After dinner we relaxed in the hotel room.....

All of the rooms opened onto this great courtyard....

We also spent some time in the hotel pool (beacause apparently we 7 hours in the water park wasn't enough!) We left the next morning before lunch right after the 3 buses of kids rolled in and the place got crazy! All in all, I would say we had a good time!

Cassandra, Tucker, and Michael

A family shot (we took a couple of these and they all came out blurry!)

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It looks like a fun place!