Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Daybook

for today...Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On My Mind...After seeing a few unflattering pictures of myself, I have finally taken the leap and joined Weight Watchers on-line. My plan is also to walk 15-20 minutes/day. We'll see how this goes!

Outside My Window...the sun has just set. We have had some really nice Spring days.

What We're Reading...Finished Home to Big Stone Gap and resumed Grapes of Wrath (which I started about a year ago and didn't finish)...with tucker, we finished Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse and we're now reading Double Play at Short. I can't think of the author but he writes a lot of books about sports Mark Christoper, Mike Christoper??? I think we'll be reading a few of them this summer.

What We're Listening to...finished The Prophet of Yonwood and now am almost done with Olive Kitteridge for the Take Another Chance Challenge.

What We're Watching...glad that SYTYCD is back as well as Kate Plus 8 (we taped it and still have to watch it)...can't believe the finale of Glee is on already!...also happened to see Driving Miss Daisy which is one of my favorite movies; now I want to see Fried Green Tomatoes!

I am Hoping...to stick with the walking and weight watchers.

In The Kitchen...made ziti tonight and strawberry shortcake for dessert: yummy!...not sure what else for the rest of the week.

Around the house...I can finally vacuum on Sunday and it desperately needs it!...dryer and dishwasher both running...laundry to folded and one more load to wash.

Coming Up This Week...baseball game tomorrow night...CT Sun game with my mom Friday night...soccer travel team try-outs Sat and Sun.

Some Picture Thoughts
...Tucker and I went to The Providence Children's Museum on Saturday and had a great time!


Julie said...

Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse? I've never hear of that, but I'm thinking it's maybe a prequel to Cricket in Times Square...which is what Jake and I are reading right now!!

Cindy said...

Yes it is a prequel to Cricket in Times Square. It tells how Harry and Tucker met. We had read part of it last summer and then he read it in school this year. He loves that the mouse is named "after" him and that he also loves money! There's actually a few others before they get to Times Square.