Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquet

In the world of Cub Scouts, the Blue and Gold Banquet is held to celebrate the birthday of the Boy Scouts, which is in February. It is also the ceremony at which the Webelos 2 (the oldest) receive the Arrow of Light and move up to Boy Scouts.

I was able to get Tucker to stand still and somewhat smile for a picture in his uniform!

Another tradition is the father-son cake contest. The cakes have to be made completely by the dads and scouts, which is okay in our house because I'd probably do more damage than good! Their cake has a layer of yellow cake, a layer of chocolate (with three cans of frosting), graham crackers around the edge (with tootsie rolls as reinforcements) and then skittles on top! Yes it was a masterpiece!

Toys r Us donated Legos for all the scouts so they each got a small bag to keep themselves busy at the table. (Michael also kept busy!)

After a yummy dinner, we got to/had to eat our cakes for dessert. Here Michael cuts into ours... ( we brought our biggest knife for the honors!)

This is what the inside looked like

Each den then had to put on a skit of some sort. tucker's den each told jokes...(he's in the middle)

Tucker tells his joke: "what did the cookie say to the human?" "Don't eat me!"
The boys all did a good job. And even though we left early for his soccer game, it still a lot of fun and I'm glad we went!


Mari said...

I bet Tucker enjoyed it all, and his cake is a masterpiece!

Julie said...

That is some cake! Hmmm, now I want some cake!