Friday, June 27, 2008

A New Beginning

I have decided to give blogging a try. One of my good friends, Julie, is a blogger and I enjoy following the adventures of her family so I thought it might be fun to share the adventures of mine. I also enjoy scrapbooking and am perpetually a year behind (I just finished May of 2007) so I'm hoping that blogging will help to catch all the little details I might not remember , though I do have a pretty good memory. Our family is made up of myself, my husband Michael (we'll be married 10 years in October but "together" 17 years the end of July), and my 6 yo son, Tucker. I work full-time as a social worker for a home care agency and have always loved helping people and working with the elderly. Besides scrapbook ling, I love to read and do cross-stitch.
Tucker is definitely the center of our life! It's amazing how much things change when you have a child and they continue to change even more as they grow up. I have discovered so many things about myself and can honestly say I have done things I would not have done if Tucker hadn't wanted to (for example, and it may not seem like a big deal but I went on every waterslide that Tucker was tall enough for at SixFlags last summer. Normally I'm not really a waterslide-type-of-girl but it was so much fun! I do still draw the line at rollercoasters and ferris wheels, however!) He is a very active six year old boy who loves everything construction, being outside, and doing art of any kind. He just graduated from kindergarten and got the art achievement award for his class! He also just finished tee-ball (his 1st year, on to the minor leagues next year!) and will be starting summer swimming lessons on Tuesday. He has signed up to play soccer in the fall (his third year). He loves to learn new things and is constantly asking me questions such as "how does the dishwasher wash the dishes?" I had to take all the cookie sheets out from udder the sink to show him the pipe leading to the dishwasher!
Some pf you may be wondering about the title of my's named after Tucker, of course! Ever since he could crawl, he would climb EVERYTHING! So I started calling him Monkey Boy, a name that continues to this day!
I think that's more than enough to get me off and running! Along the way I hope to learn to add pictures and other "fun" stuff.

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Frank said...

columbia never sounded so good... spent a few summers at the lake but geezz no parades... I hope you are all enjoying these"times of your lives" it's all good here in northern VA - fireworks all five kids and ya Frank and clan